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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 9, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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passengers are livid after an airline cancels dozens of flights, forcing police to step in to calm the terminal. >> when it became apparent that there was a serial shooter terrorizing our community, our officers did not rest. >> phoenix police say they have captured the so-called serial street shooter responsible for nine deaths. >> president obama warned then president-elect trump about hiring michael flynn. hearings into the russia election connection leads to questions. >> after the death of a penn state engineering student, 18 classmates are facing criminal charges. >> epic storm with baseball-sized hail causes damage to denver. >> and meet the little girl who opened the jaws of an alligator to free herself from harm. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning. i'm gigi stone woods. thanks for joining us. >> i'm frances rivera. some relief for a community in arizona now police believe they have caught the serial killer who terrorized phoenix for a year with a series of seemingly random shootings. nine people were killed between august of 2015 and july of 2016. >> the investigative team has found probable cause to arrest 23-year-old aaron susedeo. >> he was already behind bars in connection with a separate murder and is facing multiple felony charges. police say the killings happened near each other under the cover of darkness. the victims were killed in driveways, cars and steps outside their home. the assailant was nicknamed the serial street shooter. >> witnesses reported very brief interaction between the suspect and the victims. but for the most part, i think the people were completely unaware what was about to happen
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to them. >> a tip from the community led investigators to the man and the detectives were able to link him to the attacks by analyzing surveillance video, witness statements and ballistic evidence. while they have not identified a motive police believe he acted alone. old news, that's how president trump characterized a dramatic day in the senate that saw several revelations regarding his former national security adviser michael flynn who was fired just weeks into the job. after controversies related to contacts and dealings with russia. trump unleashing a tweet storm overnight against those testifying on the flynn matter. quote, director clapper reiterated what everybody including the fake media already knows. there is no evidence of collusion with russia and trump. he continued sally yates, the former acting attorney general, made the fake media extremely unhappy today. she said nothing but old news. the russia-trump collusion story is a total hoax. and the biggest story between clapper and yates on surveillance.
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why doesn't the media report on this. >> the response from the president after the public learned of red flags and warnings raised about flynn. nbc's peter alexander has the report. >> reporter: nbc news learned that president obama delivered that personal warning to then president elect trump against hiring michael flynn just minutes before the joint press conference and less than 48 hours after the election. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. >> reporter: at the time flynn was already a key adviser to mr. trump and the obama administration fired him from his post as head of the defense intelligence agency in 2014. the white house suggesting that backstory prompted president obama's advise mr. trump essentially dismissed. >> it's true that the president obama made it known that he wasn't exactly a fan of general flynn's, which is frankly shouldn't come as a surprise. >> reporter: president obama's unusual move was one of at least two warnings the white house
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received about flynn, the in-coming national security adviser. the other from former acting attorney general sally yates, obama administration hold over revealing what she told the white house and putting a spotlight on trump connections to russia. >> to state the obvious you don't want your national security adviser compromised with the russians. >> reporter: testifying she warned the council that flynn had misled vice president pence and others about his conversations with russia's ambassador to the u.s. and the russians knew. >> that created a compromise situation, a situation where the national security adviser could be blackmailed by the russians. >> reporter: yates says she gave the information to the white house so they could take action but was fired days later for refusing to enforce his controversial travel ban. flynn kept his job nearly three more weeks. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting. today eight penn state
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fraternity brothers face arraignment ov arraignment. authorities say the 19-year-old had a blood alcohol level of .4 when he fell down a staircase. the fraternity brothers witnessed it happen. >> gathered around timothy where he -- some of them described that he looked dead. some of them googled things like what to do with a head injury. >> no one called 911 until the next morning, 12 hours later. >> is there alcohol or anything involved? >> yes there is. >> on the night of the event recruits were required to drink alcohol at stations as part of a contest known as the gauntlet according to the prosecutor. he died several days later in the hospital. a total of 18 students are facing criminal charges. the other ten fraternity brothers were arraigned on friday. some accused of involuntary man slaughter and aggravated assau t assault. that's a first degree felony
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which carries a maximum prison term of 10 to 20 years. north korean officials reportedly meeting with u.s. experts in the capital of oslo amid speculation that washington is seeking dialogue with pyongyang. the meeting comes as south koreans take to the voting booth to elect a new president after the ouster of park geun hye. nbc's janice frayer joins us from seoul. front-runner has issued tough rhetoric against north korea. what does this mean for relations between the two countries? >> reporter: well, it could alter the dynamics of the relationships. the polls are closing. it is widely expected that front-runner moon jay in will be the next president of south korea. he'll be gated immediately, park geun hye is facing chargetion of corruption in a scandal that has had this
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country in turmoil for months. this election will mark a change in political atmosphere here ending nine years of conservative power as moon is a liberal. he's going to look at things differently. that's going to impact not only the relationship with north korea, but also with the united states, if not directly, at least in the tone. moon actually favors negotiations with north korea and he also says that the anti-missile defense system that the u.s. is deploying here is not necessarily a done deal. president trump, of course, is taking a hard line against the regime of kim jong un, and in a series of snubs actually suggested that south korea pay the billion dollar bill for the thaad system. while it is shifting the political dynamic, it's unclear whether president trump will now be at odds with both koreas, especially on issues of regional security. >> we'll be watching. 68-year-old fitness guru
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richard simmons is suing the "national enquirer" and radaronline for like bell and invasion of privilege see. they claimed he was taking a break from public life to transition from male to female. according to the complaint, the stories claim simmons received, quote, shocking sex surgery, breast implants, hormone treatments and consultations on medical cass registration. american media which owns the publications tell nbc news it will defend itself vigorously. surveillance video captured a wild melee at a tampa bus station. '4 bystanders jumped in. he was arrested and charged. look at this surveillance video capturing this massive explosion as a waste disposal plant. people ran from the site. at least 30 people were injured.
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now to damaging baseball-sized hail causing major disruptions in the denver area. some drivers seeking shelter from severe weather under the overpass. the large hail did a job on a number of cars, smashing windshields, also causing damage to buildings and other structures. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with your tuesday forecast on what we can expect also on the west coast here. >> a big difference when you get ping-pong or golf ball-sized compared to baseball. baseball can go through the windshields as you saw there. the storm responsible for the rain in california and the storm lingering over arizona. still very chilly here. a z the dip continues, we'll see more severe weather. looks like today south of the denver region and tomorrow it will spread into oklahoma and eventually all the way into the ohio valley. today's severe weather threat just outside albuquerque, about 2 million people at risk of the storms as we go throughout the day today. wednesday we watch the severe
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threat movin gbout 20 degrees below normal. sacramento warming up at 91. >> it looks like the west coast will actually see some quiet but cool weather in the days ahead. details coming up. >> cool weather here in new york not stopping the fans outside on the plaza waiting overnight just because today -- >> how can you not look? >> kicks off the biggest summer concert ever with harry styles. also a major scare in paris overnight puts police on edge. we'll bring you details in two minutes here on "early today." e. i finally switched to geico. oh yeah? ended up saving a ton of money on car insurance. i hear they have a really great mobile app. the interface is remarkably intuitive. that's so important.
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>> harry styles is flying high with the debut of his first music video. this morning he kicks off the summer concert series live on the plaza. we've been trying to keep it cool with it happening out the window. >> i like that song, a nice ballot. we'll hear it when they start jamming on side. we're learning more new details about the brutal murder of two boston doctors. police are now investigating robbery as the motive. bampumim teixeira was arraigned monday for the murder of richard field and lina bolanos. prosecutors say a backpack was found filled with jewelry that may have belonged to bolanos. in contrast to initial reports the d.a. says teixeira didn't fire at police officers on the scene. the connection between teixeira and the couple is a mystery. one of paris' busiest train stations is reopened after a security scare forced evacuation overnight. cell phone video capturing
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clearing out with no official explanation. according to local reports they were searching for three terror suspects. they searched a train traveling from northern france. after the security check police tweeted the operation was over but gave no other details. just ahead, kushner family selling access or business as usual? >> find out what set off this airport melee with angry passengers crashing with police. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred.
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fast forwarding into tuesday, former president obama makes his first public appearance abroad since leaving office. he's in milan, italy and will speak about food security and climate change at an innovation summit. today is national teacher day, a day to recognize those educators passed and present who played such a vital role in shaping ours and our children's lives. it's free cone day at haagen-dazs. participating stores offer a free kiddie scoop cone later today between 4 and 8 p.m. hard to pass up. >> no kidding. ben & jerry's last month, so now haagen-dazs. thank you. to new ethics questions popping up this morning. around the family of jared kushner, and involves a sales
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pitch by kushner's sister in china and a u.s. visa program allows big money investors to get fast-tracked u.s. visas. nbc's cynthia mcfadden has the report. >> reporter: it was the pitch heard round the world. jared kushner's sister delivering a sales pitch in beijing on friday urging wealthy chinese to invest in a new kushner company venture, in turn, fast track their immigration to the u.s. the project now being developed, a 79 story skyscraper in jersey city. the company's pitch relied on the controversial eb 5 visa program, the so-called golden visa, which for a $500,000 investment in a u.s. project, allows foreigners to jump the immigration line. while the program itself is legal, richard painter, under george w. bush says the way that meyer handled it is troubling.
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>> this comes very, very close to solicitation of a bribe. >> during her talk meyer referred to her brother jared, who until january ran the company. >> they also put a picture of the president of the united states on the screen for the investors to see. that was completely inappropriate. >> the kushner company issued an apology. kushner companies apologizes if that mention of her brother was in any way interpreted as an attempt to lure investors. that was not ms. meyer's intention. for mr. kushner. >> jared has done everything to comply with the ethics rules. he wasn't involved. >> kushner's lawyer says he sold his interest in the new jersey project to a family trust prior to joining the white house staff. as suggested by the office of government ethics. a trust that he, his wife, and his children are not beneficiaries of. >> he divested a very small chunk of the business. he is still the beneficiary of the vast majority of the
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second thoughts about repeal and replace, they realize that what is right is right, and i saved health insurance in the united states of america. thank you. i didn't? i didn't save it? they voted against it anyway? i really need pay more attention to the news. >> he got the laughs there. jimmy kimmel returning to late night, firing back at critics over his comments on the health care plan. kimmel brought on senator bill cassidy who says any new health care law passes the jimmy kimmel test. >> we will get there if the american people call their senator, say we got to fulfill president trump's contract, lowering premiums with coverage of passing the jimmy kimmel test. if we do that, we get an american plan, not democrat, not republican, an american plan. that's where we need to be. >> using his voice and laughs to bring attention. also happy his son is doing much
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better. terrifying moment. check this out at an alabama zoo when a young girl was attacked by a kangaroo. [ screaming ]. >> poor thing. >> absolutely terrifying. 9-year-old cheyenne was with her mother and younger sister when the kangaroo reached through the fence grabbed her by the hair and appears to bite her. after receiving 14 stitches, she appears to be okay. >> ahead which former president is teaming up with a best selling novelist, plus new video this morning in another shocking airline incident to show you. ? restrained driver in a motor vehicle. sir, can you hear me? two, three. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse.
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in florida chaos broke out at a spirit airlines terminal in ft. lauderdale, hollywood international airport after a disruption and a dozen flights caused travelers to remain stranded at the airport. the livid passengers can be seen crowding the ticket counter, visibly upset. tensions rising there. police were ultimately called? to break up the commotion. only the unrest grew with fists flying and fights breaking out. take-downs can be seen from cell phone video capturing the scene. spirit said the backlog was a lack of crews. the company filed a lawsuit against the pilots association over the disruption. >> i've seen high tensions at the airport, but never like
4:27 am
that. that was shocking video. fbi director james comey made the confession he is on twitter. he isn't actually offering praise for the social media site. listen to what he compares it to during a speech at the anti-defamation league. >> sometimes i can hear everybody screaming at the television set, but it is free speech. you don't have to like it. you don't have to agree with it, but we will protect it. >> i think we can all have some experience and agree with that one. former president bill clinton is adding a new title to his resume. how about novelist. the 42nd president is collaborating with best-selling author james patterson on a novel called "the president is missing." the publishers describe the book as having a unique combination of intrigue and suspension. they say it will include insider details that only a president
4:28 am
knows. it is president clinton's first novel. the two go on a national book tour when the novel is released in june of next year. >> so much fun for him. will be a best-seller no doubt. a little girl in florida recovering after her quick thinking saved her from an alligator attack. 10-year-old juliana was attacked by this nearly 9-foot gator. she had bites on her knee and calf. she said she fought off the gator by sticking her fingers in its nose which caused it to open its jaw and released her. she's expected to be okay. the alligator has been captured and removed. coming up on "today," kerry sanders' exclusive interview with this brave little girl. >> scary. that incident, the kangaroo incident, makes you want to be careful out there. >> thank you for joining us. i'm gigi stone woods.
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taking a live look outside overlooking san jose. the clouds will eventually clore. temperatures will rise. enjoy a tastezgh of summer in?[y may. today in the bay starts right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> i'm sam brock. you say a taste of summer. a little alfresco. really more spring than summer. >> we're going to have beautiful weather again today, but a little warmer. the air conditioner may be on for a couple hours this&r afternoon and then you'll be able to turn it off once again. we are going to have today reaching


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